Two Options to Consider Before Buying New Kitchen Cabinets in New York

While buying new kitchen cabinets can work wonders for the appearance of an old kitchen, it can be very expensive to buy a new set of kitchen cabinets in New York. So there are a couple of other options which you may want to consider before opting for a full replacement of your kitchen cabinets.


Refinishing is a quick and easy, no-mess process. It involves getting your cabinets thoroughly cleaned, and then re-stained. It is an ideal solution if you have remodeled your kitchen somewhat recently, and your cabinets do not have any structural problems, but you’d like to get that brand-new look back.


Refacing is a much more involved process. In a cabinet reface, the company will remove all the old cabinet drawers and drawer fronts, and replace them with new ones. Additionally, exterior cabinets will have all visible surfaces fitted with new panels, hinges, and moldings. In short, a cabinet refacing looks a lot like a cabinet replacement, but with considerable savings of time and money.

In fact, a refacing can cost 30-50% less than a comparable cabinet replacement. Again, it is an ideal situation if your cabinets have seen some significant wear and tear, but don’t suffer from any real structural damage.


Doing a complete custom remodel of your kitchen cabinets in New York can be quite an expensive and time-consuming process. So if you’ve replaced them recently, or they’re just looking a bit tired and run-down, a refinish or a reface and be a cost-effective alternative.

Of course, if it has been some time since you’ve replaced your kitchen cabinets, and they have seen some serious use or taken some serious damage, then perhaps it would be worth it to go for a full remodel, and replace all the cover philippines

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