Open Cabinets or Closed Kitchen Cabinets? NY Designers Debate

If you talk to one interior designer in New York, they might tell you that open kitchen cabinets and open shelving is a timeless and wonderful design for your kitchen. Talk to another, though, and they might tell you that open kitchen cabinetry is a trend you will later regret. So what should you do with your kitchen cabinets in NY?

There are indeed arguments for both sides. If you want to know some advantages for having open kitchen cabinets in NY, just look for pictures online or through a home design magazine. Some open kitchens look absolutely stunning! They open up smaller kitchens, they provide semi-divides in larger kitchens, and can serve as a way to show off your beautiful copper cookware or your fancy china.

However, you also have to remember that these pictures aren’t always “real”. Yes, they might be pictures from a kitchen in an actual home, but will that home always looks so spic and span? See, the biggest disadvantage to open shelving in kitchen cabinetry is that you have to keep those spaces clean and organized – always. Having a clutter of dishes or dust resting all over the cans and jars on display won’t make your kitchen look very nice. So if you are a working mother of three children, it might be best to hold off on the open kitchen cabinetry for now.

On the other hand, if you are not terribly busy but wish you were more organized, purchasing open kitchen cabinets in NY might be just the motivator you need to keep your kitchen more in order. There’s no sense in letting that beautiful china just sit in a dark cupboard, anyway.

When deciding whether or not to install open or closed kitchen cabinets in NY, be sure to weigh all these options and, more importantly, to be realistic about how much time you have for maintenance.
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